Creatures of Leisure Mitch Coleborn Arc Series FCS Fin

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Product Overview

The new Creatures of Leisure fins are here! Made with Core-Flex technology these fins will add spring and flex to your turns. Core Flex has a fluid flex pattern that provides maximum speed and responsiveness. Creatures of Leisure fins come in both two tab (FCS Fin Boxes) and single tab (Futures Fin Boxes) setups to accommodate any board. Fins come in three sizes to accommodate different surfer weights. Small: 55-65 Kg / 120-145 Lbs Medium: 65-80 Kg / 145-175 Lbs Large: 70-90+ Kg / 165-200+ Lbs The Arc Series fin was design for carving maneuvers and rail to rail surfing. Arc Series fins provide extra drive and more drawn out turns. Arc fins will perform ideally in down the line surfing, help with rail to rail transitions and long arcing turns. Mitch Coleborn’s Signature Arc Fin comes in Core Flex Technology.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review