Ding Repair

Board Bog



Board repair kit Fixes both polyester and epoxy boards (Surfboards, SUP???s, sail boards, knee boards, fiberglass kite boards) Easy-to-use Leaves minimal residure if you remove it Ultra-sticky Travel-safe Frictionless when wet No sanding or...

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Ding All

Ding All Super Polyester Surfboard Repair Kit


The Ding All Super Surfboard repair Kit for PU (polyester glassfibreglass) boards. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to carry out small to medium size damage to your surfboard. Resin and hardener, fiberglass cloth, mixing cup and...

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FCS Fusion Fin Box - Side-fin (single box)


Precision moulded polymer plug with high density foam insert • EPS/Epoxy and PU/Polyester compatible• Strongest and lightest pre-glass system on the market• Shorter footprint than other pre-glass systems• Does not compromise rocker...

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FCS Longboard Box Adapter


Allows you to change from a traditional longboard fin to a FCS thruster set up in seconds Perfect for loosening up your longboard The adapter is adjustable for deeper longboard boxes

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